Products and Key Benefits

The web-based technology supporting BaseDiary means that your data can be accessed via a web browser 24-hours a day, seven days a week from wherever you happen to be. So even if you’re away on a training course you can still keep in touch with your business.

BaseDiary Application Structure

Unlike most dentist-oriented software, with only clinic and administration/accounts sections, BaseDiary comprises three distinct sections:

The Clinic Section

The Clinic Section enables appointment scheduling and time-dated logging of patient details including:

  • all consultations
  • medical history
  • financial records
  • notes for each patient, and
  • associated appointment data

The Clinic Section includes a simple procedure for uploading photos, scans and referral letters, with an easy access log for each patient. Features such as Activities and Orders lists enable you to easily plan and manage daily operations.
You will also access your patient database through the Clinic section - with patient searches and filters. BaseDiary has been designed by clinical dental technicians and dental technicians - it is 100% for use in the industry. You'll find it intuitive.

The Laboratory Section

BaseDiary is the only web-based tool to effectively solve the problem of Clinical Dental Technicians and Dental Technicians managing both the clinical and laboratory sections of their business.
An intuitive calendar gives technicians ready access to job descriptions due on a daily and weekly basis.
A secure database of clients (dentists) is held by the system. Contact and billing details are linked with jobs in a simple operation. That way invoicing clients and tracking invoices is an easy task.
For more information on BaseDiary please contact us.

The Administration Section

The Administration section enables you to customize and configure BaseDiary to fit your requirements. It is accessible only by you as the registered business owner to maintain in-house privacy and security.
Generic appointment types, fees lists, treatment options, consultation details (including medical history questions) have been pre-loaded saving you valuable time with most common daily operations.
As a business owner you can set-up staff profiles for technicians or assistants with individual user names and passwords. This ensures your financial reports and any other details you want to keep confidential remain so, while the key people in your business can still use other sections of BaseDiary to do their job effectively.
The invoicing functions of the ADMIN Section enable you to invoice patients and/or dentists, and you can structure account information by patients and dentists in a simple and easy-to-use format.
The comprehensive reporting functionality means your business financials can easily be tracked and if need be exported to further analyse your business profitability.