Products and Key Benefits

The web-based technology supporting BaseDiary means that your data can be accessed via a web browser 24-hours a day, seven days a week from wherever you happen to be. So even if you’re away on a training course you can still keep in touch with your business.

  • COMPLIANCE - BaseDiary is fully compliant with requirements under the HPCAA 2003. If need be you can prove your compliance using the information stored in BaseDiary.
  • SECURITY - All information is securely stored on our central server not on your PC, so if for some reason your PC dies or is damaged, your valuable data is safe. At any time you can download your crucial business data if you prefer to have a local copy as well.
  • NO IT HASSLE - Unlike conventional software, BaseDiary's web-based structure means hardware/software clashes are eliminated. All you need is a PC (or Laptop) with a good connection to the Internet (broadband recommended) and a current version of an Internet Browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox).
  • NO RISK, PAY AS YOU GO - Traditional software applications require high up-front investment. Subscription to BaseDiary is on a month-by-month basis, fully tax deductible, and with no installation costs. If you don't want to use BaseDiary anymore, simply cancel your account.
  • UPDATES - Should legislation change in terms of Compliance for Health Practitioners, BaseDiary can be adapted to the new compliance requirements rapidly. You won't have to purchase any upgrades or install new software.