Online Practice Administration

Smart - Secure - Affordable

What is BaseDiary?

BaseDiary is what you need to more effectively manage your dental business. It's a next generation web-based management tool tailored specifically to dental prosthetists and dental laboratory practices.
From making an appointment to generating an invoice, your daily operations need to be effective, consistent and efficient. Patient-specific data, images and correspondence crucial to your business need to be secure, and appropriately organized. These administrative tasks can involve a lot of time, energy and expense, but they needn't!

Product Features - BaseDiary:

  • eliminates expensive software installation and servers
  • stores and manages patient data efficiently
  • is accessible globally 24-hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere with internet availability
  • can be seamlessly upgraded, customized and modified according to your business needs
  • has the unique property that, effectively used, can help you more easily comply with ever increasing requirements for health industry legislation

In a nutshell BaseDiary simplifies dental prosthetists’ practice management through an easy-to-use, secure and purpose-built online application.